New Microgaming Online Casinos: mobile slots, jackpots, bonuses

What is the best new US online casino in 2021? What does a good new online casino do? We test all new US online casinos and publish detailed reviews. Despite new state regulations being decimated, more and more new casinos are currently going online. The following topics are waiting for you:

The basis of security is the gambling license. An agency only gives a license to providers who meet certain minimum standards for a safe and fair game. This also includes transparency, independent controls on the protection of players against the risks of problematic gambling behaviour. Here I explain to you how you can easily recognize your own safe online casinos.

Yes! There are many possible ways to play without deposit of real money at the Casino Online. Most online casinos use some mouse clicks to make it very easy to switch between real money and free game online gambling, so you can easily switch to the game money mode to practice a little before.

Welcome bonus in the Online Casino Test

In addition to the free games, there is also the welcome bonus, which is aimed specifically at new customers and, of course, also fulfils an advertising purpose. You can use this bonus as a rule if you do not already have an account with the respective provider. Attention: the bonus is usually tied to conditions. In most cases, this promotion will increase the initial deposit. For example, you will pay 200 € and receive a further 200 € for a 100% bonus. The welcome bonus is therefore always the maximum value that can be reached.

You can find new US online casinos on the page. These are safe and serious casinos that have been tested by our experts. Very many US casinos do not exist. That's why you get the current list with us!

While sports betting has been uniformly taxed since 2012, you as a casino customer are spared from these taxes. Gambling in general is tax-free, as the profits are not income. Only the topic of poker is a double-edgling sword, which has been discussed for many years now. If, however, you generate a million euros at the slot machine, then only by luck-this money belongs automatically and 100% to you!

The Caribbean island of Curacao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and can thus award gambling licences under European law. In the case of the operators, the gambling licence is popular, since the taxes on the island are very low.

In the end, you have to opt for a serious online casino. The first impression is that it is the first impression. If you look at the casino, find the design well and maybe see a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or some other good concession in the footer, the positive sign is.

New casino players from USA, who do not have much previous experience, pay attention to very specific things. This is, for example, the sales conditions. If these are too high, you have to implement too much money. The risk must be manageable. Also attracting well-known games like Starburst and Book of Dead. At the same time, a good wire to support is crucial. Because if anything is unclear, you need quick help.

Game selection: fixed or changeable?

A very important factor in the choice of the best online casinos in USA is, of course, the game offer, or the game selection. We US are very pampered in the positive sense, as far as diversity in the market is concerned, and therefore want a wide range of services in their online casinos. Renowned game developers are a sign of safety and quality.

As the best online casinos in USA, the providers can be designated, which can meet as many quality features as possible. We have already presented our six test criteria in more detail above-and on the basis of these criteria, we determine on site objectively and comprehensively whether an online casino fulfils what it promises.

This trend in the area of casino games is not just technology-based, but it has had an impact on gambling in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.


In the regulation of online casinos, legislators are faced with the challenge of resolving the tension between the economic interests of providers and the concerns of addiction prevention. In addition, the dynamics of the Internet and the cross-border provision of offers make it more difficult to prevent illegal online casinos from being tied to the Internet. In dealing with this, international practice essentially pursues two different approaches: a narrowly regulated legalization of private gambling offers on the one hand, and, on the other hand, (often paired with a state monopoly) a criminalization. In most cases, however, criminality concerns only the supply side. Users of such offers are generally not prosecuted.

Since the offer of US casinos is often meagre and usually not as easy to reach for most USs, many US zockers have now switched to online casinos. There, they can enjoy their passion, the classic casino game of blackjack, baccarat or roulette, comfortably from home and at any time. But also the slots of Microgaming, whether classic roller devices or modern video slot machines, have many followers in USA. Bingo for real money also applies to many in USA as a pleasant pastime.

This is always dependent on gambling regulation. Schleswig-Holstein has its own regulations and there are only casinos legally licensed by the federal state. For all other countries without specific regulation for online gambling, the European freedom to provide services is valid and all casinos with EU licences are legal.

? Is you anonymous in an online casino?

The question is to whom you want to be anonymous on the online casino sites. You are anonymous to other players or to casino visitors. However, you have to prove your identity to the casino. This has various legal and regulatory reasons when it comes to services with real money, such as money laundering laws. This is also a requirement for the receipt of a gambling license.

At Casino Ratgeber, we try to give you only the best casinos and honest casino and game reviews. We make sure that all casinos are properly licensed so that you can focus on the game. With us you can therefore have a good feeling. We do the work so that you have the pleasure. We are all great online casino enthusiasts and have made the writing and researching about this to our profession! We want you not to trapping into the traps of non-legitimate casinos. That's why we are searching the Casino World for you, always looking for the coolest news, the new games, best offers, and tollest casinos. We do the work so that you can enjoy the pleasure!